Cool Font Style Apps For Android and iPhone 2020

By | November 13, 2019

Font app lets you create the best fonts for your mobile phones. These apps are not generally very useful but can be used to style the fonts of your phone, making them attractive and better to look at. With the growth in social media usage, these apps can be used to create different style fonts that can be used in images or simply without them. Check out this article to get all the best font app for android 2020.

This article will provide the details of all the best apps that you can use to style your fonts. The list of all the best apps is given here and you can check them out in this article to have a better experience of the fonts and there style. Whether you own an android mobile or an iPhone, these apps will work in all the operating systems easily.

Cool Font Style Apps For Android and iPhone

You might have come across a lot of images and memes in the internet with the cool font written along with it, and have wondered how could i get these cool fonts. You can get these cool font apps for iphone and android as well, using these apps you can create cool fonts that can be used for many purpose. Check out these apps which can be used by a lot of people, so check out the list of these best apps below:

Better Fonts:

This app is only supported in iOS operating system mobiles i.e. the iPhone mobiles. This is a type of virtual keyboard that is use to style fonts, these fonts can be used in various ways such as texting or writing statuses in your social media handles. There are a lot of styles available for fonts and you get to choose a lot of fonts from the different available styles.

Canva – Graphic Design Creator:

This app lets you create different types of graphics and designs, these designs can be used to create wallpaper, photos and other types of images. You can create new templates and also edit the old ones easily and enter text in images accordingly. You can easily pick up any image from gallery and edit it by using different types of fonts. This app is available for both iPhone and android operating system phones.


This is not just a font style app, it lets you write in various styles to create stunning arts and designs. You can create monograms, calligraphy, script and design logos also, wake up the artist in you and use this font apps for android to create arts that you can be proud of and share it with the whole world.


This is another app that can help you create your ordinary texts to cool images, wallpapers and photo text designs. It’s very similar to the fontli app and is available in google play store for downloading. A lot of different fonts are available for you to use in creating your arts and graphics easily and is one of the most widely used app.


Phonto app can be downloaded and used in both iPhone and android operating system supporting mobile phones. You can add text with different font styles into the pictures and create beautiful designs and graphics. After creating these designs you can also share them into your social media accounts and let your friends know about your creative and artistic abilities.

All the apps mentioned above are free of cost and it won’t demand any type of processing fee or subscription amount to create your arts. The operating systems which supports the app is mentioned in the description of the app and it is important to download the app which your mobile phone supports.

All the content and material available in this article is well researched, still if you find any problem or have any doubt regarding it. Then you can comment below and discuss the problems with us, we will surely reply and try to solve your problems in the best way possible.

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