How to End an Email Message – Email Ending Examples

By | December 10, 2019

Sending mails was the first ever form of digitally sending the message to each other and it is still very prevalent in today’s computer world too. Emails are now mostly used for formal purposes such as office mails, job mails, school related mails. It is important to keep in mind the person that you are sending your mail to, the format and the writing style differs for each type of mail.

One should have the proper skills to start of with a better introduction and then follow it with the correct body content and most important to end it in a better note. The ending of the mail is very important and should be written with caution, you should keep in mind the formal essence of the mail and also to who you are ending it. This article will give you various ways in which you can end or close your mail professionally and for your good mail closing sentence.

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Why Proper Ending of Email is Important?

One may think that the most important part of an email is the starting and the body content which will describe the main points of the mail. But it’s not just that, the person who receives your mail at the other end should know that you are putting efforts in mailing and are not losing your focus and respect when you reach the end part of the mail.

After this paragraph you will see certain headings which will describe you all the necessary points that you need to know when sending any mail. The category of different types of mail will be mentioned here too along with the email closing remarks.

Below given is a list of some of the sign offs of email according to their category, take a look at them and understand how to send an email professionally:

Email Closing Examples for Professional Mails

This is a list of all the email sign offs and closing examples for professional mails:

  • Sincerely: This email closing sign off is considered to be one of the most formally appreciated one. This shows that you are sincere about the mail and also shows a great sign of respect for the mail receiver at the other end.
  • Regards: Another form of paying your respect to the other mail recipient. This type of sign off can be used where you are paying your regards for either your job or your for accepting your offer or any letter.
  • Best Wishes: This type for sign off is a little less formal than the previous two. A bit of friendliness and an essence of your interest in the other person is reflected from it.

Email Closing Examples for Mails Showing Acknowledgement and Appreciation

There are some mails where you have to thank the mail recipient at the other side, it could be about giving you a chance for a job, getting an interview fixed or finalizing any business deal. The email closings below are used when you are mailing for the purpose of thankfulness and understanding:

  • Thanks in advance: This email closing statement has one of the highest response rates as compared to other forms of sign offs. The meaning of this sign off is that you trust the other person and are grateful for them helping you.
  • Thanks: There is not much difference between thanks and thanks in advance, but thanks should be used more often than the other. Thanks is used when you want the other person to know that you have listened to what they have said and you appreciate it.
  • I appreciate your help: Appreciation is always a good way to end any conversation not just in mails. But appreciating the help, feedback of the other mail recipient will let him think that you are taking the work seriously which is very important.

Email Closing Examples That You Should Avoid Using

Until now the article was all about, how to end an email to a company. But now we will discuss all the different sign offs or closing mail sentence that should be avoided. Check out the below given points for these types of mail closings:

  • Thx, Thnq & Thnx: You should avoid using such short forms in the email closing. Remember that email is the formal way of texting and you can never mix everyday social media texting words in a formal or even friendly mail.
  • Love: Never ever use love as a sign off email closing as it can only be used along our family and very close friends. Using such type of closings in a formal mail can be awkward for the recipient and so you should avoid using it always.
  • No Closing Sentence: Sometimes after writing the full mail body, you forget to write the closing sentence. This should not be done because email closing is the very important part of an email. This generally happens if you use mobile to send any mail, so if possible use a desktop or a laptop for mail related purposes.

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That was all for the email closing sentences, make sure you use the above mentioned ways and methods and keep in mind all the do’s and don’ts of sending a mail. If you still have any confusion regarding the article or the content of the article, write to us below in the comment section, we will shortly get back to you.

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