How To Get Spotify Premium For Free in 2020

By | November 1, 2019

Spotify is the most used music app in the whole world right now, due to the varieties of music that it provides it is probably the best one in the market. What makes it best is the long list of songs for each and every genre that is there. The free version of the app is enough to give you some of the best music experience that you’ve ever thought of.

This article will provide you various ways to get the free spotify premium accounts. Even though the free app has got enough to experience good music, but the premium account unlocks a whole lot of other facilities provided by the app. The facilities provided by the app could be uninterrupted advertisement free music, all the songs available and use the shuffling options etc.

Get Spotify Premium Free 2020

In this article you will be provided various methods and ways in which you can use the use the premium subscription of the spotify app for free. Also you will get to know why you should use the premium app instead of the free version. All the different new facilities provided to the premium account holders will be given here. Fist we will look at the features of the premium subscription that sets it apart from the free spotify version.

Features of Spotify Premium App

Spotify premium app provides a lot of features and has a lot of differences when compared to its free version. You also get the spotify premium free account in this article, all you have to do is follow the steps which will be given below in the account. But first let us have a look at some of the features of the premium spotify app below:

  • Uninterrupted Advertisement Free Music: When using the free version of spotify you might get irritated from the ads between every 2,3 songs. The premium account lets you enjoy ad free music and adds another reason to enjoy the app much more.
  • Easily Save Songs: In the premium app you can download each and every song that is available in the app, these songs can be listened to when there is no internet connection available. However, in the free version you can only get limited number of songs to listen to in the offline mode.
  • Unlock Shuffling: The free version of the app does not provide you the option of shuffling the songs, using the premium version of the spotify app you can activate the shuffling option and can listen to your shuffled playlist.
  • Improved Sound Quality: The premium version has a better sound quality than the free one, it has been observed by various users that there was a lot of difference in the sound quality of both the versions of the app.

How to Download Spotify Premium Free Account

Now comes the part of the article which you have been waiting for, read this article to understand how to download spotify premium free application in your device. You can use the below given methods to install the premium app in your device and use it for free without paying even a single penny. Have a look at the below given points and use them to get your premium version for free.

  • Using the 3 Month Fee Trial Period: The free trial for the application earlier was only for 30 days i.e. a month, now it has been extended for up to 3 months. So, now you can use the premium application for free for 3 months trial period. If you want to continue to use it afterwards, you can pay for the same the amount for which is not very much and you also get some discount if you get the combined subscription for 6 month or a year.
    To get the free trial follow the steps given below:
    1. Login to your free spotify account.
    2. When the app is opened and you’ve logged into your account, you will see four buttons below, click on the last button named ‘Premium’.
    3. Click on Get Premium button on the screen, and you will be transferred to the next window.
    4. There below the subscribe panel, you can pick your premium. Select the 3-month free trial and then click on ‘Get Premium’.
    5. Enter your card details and click on ‘Start my Spotify Premium’ button.
    6. Your premium account will be activated and you can enjoy your premium subscription then. Make sure that you unsubscribe and cancel your card a day before the 3 month trial expires if you don’t want your money to get deducted.
  • Downloading the APK App of Spotify Premium Account: You can download the apk app available on the internet and then use it to access the premium spotify account for free. Just install the apk app and use the username and password given below to access it for free:
    1. Search for spotify premium account apk and download it from the internet.
    2. Install the apk in your device by clicking on the downloaded apk file and start the process of installation.
    3. Once the app is installed you can launch it and use the premium features of the app for free.

    You can use the below given details to get the free premium spotify app in your device, let’s take a look at some of these free accounts and their details below:

    Username: Password: legs1234
    Username: Password: Piggy2011
    Username: Password: juju5940
    Username: Password: Samson 10
    Username: Password: Leopard13
    Username: Password: 01122001

Above in the article, all the information about the subscription of the free premium account is given. You can use this information to get a premium subscription for your device, if you have any doubt or complaint with respect to the content of the article you can comment below. We will get back to you as soon as we can and will solve all your problems.

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