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By | November 8, 2019

Netflix is a live streaming website that lets you watch your favourite T.V Series and movies easily at any time, the thing is that this streaming website is not free of cost and you need to have a paid subscription to get the premium account. However, Netflix provides you a one month free trial where you can use the app for free for one month and watch as many movies and series as you want and just Netflix and chill.

If you have exhausted your free subscription and are not in the position to pay for the premium account, then worry not because we have a solution for you here in this article. You can get the free netflix cookies 2019 from this article and use it to watch your favourite shows and movies for free. It is possible that some of the cookies may not work, that is why we try to update the cookies every hour so that you may experience your subscription without any problem.

Premium Netflix Cookies November 2019

Below in this article, we will provide you with the best cookies that you can use to watch Netflix for free and also the steps on how to use the cookies and add extension to your browser. Follow the steps for how to use the Netflix cookies in this article below, but before doing that it is important to know what exactly cookies are and how do they make using Netflix for free possible.

How do Cookies Work?

Most of you who are not familiar with the technical terms of computer world and the internet might now be aware of what cookies are, for you cookies might be the baked biscuits that we eat. However, this article will explain to you what exactly cookies are and how can they be used to watch Netflix for free. You will get the netflix cookies 2019 from this article easily.

Whenever you are browsing the internet, you browsing history is saved in the browser which you can access at anytime in the future. These are saved in the form of cookies and caches, they help in saving the files and passwords for different websites easily. If you delete these cookies and caches then you might lose your browsing history and all the passwords that you’ve used to access any particular websites will be not in use and you have to login again.

Steps to Use Netflix Cookies Properly

Now you have the basic knowledge of how cookies work and what are their uses, but still you might have confusion about how to use these cookies to watch Netflix for free. This article will provide the steps for adding the cookies to your browser extension and then using them to watch Netflix for free also netflix cookies updated every hour makes them genuine. Let us have a look at the steps below:

  1. The very first step is to install the edit this cookie extension to your browser, you can install these extension online. The below given buttons will provide you the link to download the extension easily from different browsers:
    EditThisCookie for Chrome
    EditThisCookie for Opera
  2. After installing the extension, at the top right corner of your browser screen just on the right of the URL tab you will see a cookie figure which will be your extension. Click on this Extension and and then click on the import button just the + sign button. Which is given in the diagram below:

3. After selecting the import button, you will come across the screen that looks like this:

4. As you can see the blank space on the import button is there to paste the cookies, here you will paste the cookies provided in the article and then click on the green tick button.

5. You will be automatically logged in to the netflix account easily, please make sure that you do not change the password and the username there.

Free Netflix Account FAQ’s

It is obvious to have doubts and questions about this unusual free method that lets you access the netflix for free, most of the users have a lot of questions regarding this issue. Naturally we cannot display all those doubts and queries in our article, but we can focus on some of the frequently asked questions here. Let’s have a look at some of those questions below:

Q.1. Does Netflix provide free trial and for how many days?
Ans. Yes, Netflix does provides free trial to all the users, every new user can get a free trial for a month. The only thing that you need to do is add your credit or debit card information in the website and you will not be charged for it for one month. After the free trial expires your account will deduct the money automatically every month, You can however also cancel the subscription before the trial period ends so that you don’t get charged for another month.

Q.2. Is there any way to use the Netflix account after the free trial without having to pay for it?
Ans. Yes, there are various ways to do that. You can use the fake mail generator and fake credit card information to get the free trial. Also you use the cookie extension as mentioned above in the article.

Q.3. Is using the cookie method to watch Netflix safe?
Ans. No, the cookie extension method may not always be the safest method to watch Netflix. If the cookies provided are not from authenticated sources then you or your system might face some problems. But this article provides you all the cookies that are from different authentic sources which are updated hourly and so there is no reason to get worried.

Q.4. What to do when netflix cookies not working?
Ans. Then main reason that some of the cookies might not work is because they might not be updated regularly. If you happen to face this problem, then you should comment below and ask the article admin to update all the cookies after which they will start working properly.

So, that was all in this article, you have learned about what cookies are and how can they be used to access the Netflix account for free. The steps to use the cookie extension are also provided in the article, if you face any type of problem or doubt in this article then comment below. We will try to solve each and every problem of yours quickly and efficiently.

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